How to Manifest Money into Your Life and Business

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If you’re into the Law of Attraction you most likely have tried to apply the basics of LOA into your life to attract more financial abundance.

After all, one of the major reasons why we start a business or launch an online business is to increase our financial gains.

That said, there are so many pitfalls awaiting when starting a business that can really tune us more into what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want that we may end up pushing away our desire of financial abundance with our business as opposed to attracting it (been there, done that, I have the poster/DVD/t-shirt to prove it).

In 2010 due to a number of business and personal challenges that took me down on my knees and almost broke me, I went back to personal development books, videos and teachings with a vengeance in order to make sense of all that was transpiring in my life.

I devoured everything I could in order to re-shift my thinking. For the first time of my life I also hired a life coach.

I’ll admit that up to 2010, I really couldn’t understand why I would need a coach, but after working with a woman who could help me identify my limiting beliefs I really couldn’t understand how I was the creator of my limited-success.

Along with being a fairly chaotic year (so many emotional ups and downs), I actually dared to dream bigger. Trust me, this is NOT the first year I say I wanted I bigger life, but I don’t think I had done anything at this level to truly manifest this into my life. The ever-ending roller coaster that was 2010 really forced me to make a choice: 1) either dream bigger or 20 get out of the entrepreneurial game.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to attract money into my life and business and also how to attract the right people who could help me get to the next level.

It’s been really freaky to some extent because in some cases, I’d say that I wanted something and within a few weeks I’d bump into someone or I’d be introduced to a person who could help me make things happen.

A good example of that is my desire to become a speaker. Once I manifested that in mid-November out loud so the Universe could hear me, I started meeting all sorts of people who could help me.

I also become a student of Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy and things just started to take shape. I believe with all my heart that in 2011, my dreams of becoming a successful speaker and influence people with my message will become a reality (in fact, “it’s already here”).

If you want to manifest more money into your life and your business, I hope the following findings will help you:

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> Be playful when manifesting money into your life:

The most important aspect of manifesting money is to approach it from the right heartset. Think of your heartset as the overall vibe of your relationship to the activity of attracting money. How would you describe that relationship? Is it greedy, needy, excited, hopeful, etc?

If you approach this process from a place of neediness, clinginess, scarcity, or too much seriousness, you’ll most likely fail. That’s the right vibe for attracting nothing — or for making things worse by attracting unwanted expenses — but it’s not the right vibe for attracting money.

So if you come at this from a place of saying, “I really need $1200 to pay my rent next month, so I’m going to focus hard on manifesting it via the Law of Attraction,” well … good luck with that. But I’d bet against you.

A slightly better vibe is that of hope, but this is still a pretty weak vibe. Hope won’t get you very far.

A much better vibe is to come from a place of curiosity and experimentation. Go into a state of childlike wonder. With this vibe you may begin to generate some interesting results.

> Know that the money is already yours:

When you want to manifest money, it’s important to know that it’s already there. If it’s hidden at all, it’s hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to notice it and pick it up. This applies whether we’re talking about cash found on the ground or opportunities that will generate cash.

Know that the cash and the opportunities are right in front of your face. You just have to adjust your “eyes” to see them. You do this by shifting your vibe — your frequencies of thought and emotion — to one that’s capable of detecting the money.

Obviously your senses pick up a lot as you go about your day, but you only notice a puny fraction of all that input. In order to manifest money, you need to tune your senses to bring to your attention useful input that you’ve been subconsciously dismissing as irrelevant background noise. This tuning process takes some time, but you can definitely do it.

> Detach yourself from the outcome when manifesting money into your life:

Okay, I’ll confess, this is the hardest thing for me to do. I’ve only started lately (thanks to the Passion Test and Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood) to fully understand the concept of letting go.

I’m your typical Type-A personality and letting go is just not in my vocabulary because I feel the need to control all the outcomes in my life, but again 2010 has been a transformational year and I now know that I have to practice the following to see things manifest into my life (especially money):

  1. Set my INTENTION
  2. Focus my ATTENTION in order to do the work necessary to make things happen for me
  3. Apply NO-RESISTANCE in order not to confuse the Universe and actually get what I do want out of life instead of what I don’t want.

The reality is that most of us find it challenging to “let go” and let the Universe work its magic.

That’s because most people often get confused about the relationship between desire and detachment. Aren’t they diametrically opposed? How can you have both at the same time? Isn’t desire a form of attachment?

No, these aren’t in conflict. They coexist perfectly.

Let me explain.

Desire is about what you wish to create. You could describe this vibe as passion, excitement, or even lust. It’s a delicious pool of emotions you summon by focusing on a new target. The stronger your desire, the better, so amp it up!

Detachment, on the other hand, is about how those desires ultimately manifest for you. When you become too attached to when and how your desires show up, you screw up the manifesting process. Instead of holding the vibe of playfulness and abundance, you start sending out signals like concern, worry, and stress. Don’t do that!

Would you become stressed and worried if you couldn’t find enough coins on the ground? Would that vibe improve your performance? No, that would only lower your performance.

When you notice that you’re getting frustrated, pause, breathe, and go back to the desire side. Hold that vision of the creation you wish to experience, and wallow in the positive sensations of being there in your heart, mind, and spirit.

Know that physical reality will soon catch up, as long as you keep holding the right vibe.

When you feel moved to take action from a place of passion and excitement, not stress, then go ahead and let those actions flow through you. It will seem to be more work to stop yourself — you’ll feel like you’re chickening out and holding back if you stay still. Follow your impulses. But don’t worry about the immediate results of those actions. There may be some twists and turns along the way.

> When manifest money, don’t give your power away:

When manifesting money, it’s especially important that you don’t give your power away to money. This negates your creative ability, and the money probably won’t arrive if you do that. This is a VERY common mistake.

You can’t effectively wield the power of manifestation by believing that you can manifest something you desire (i.e. money) while simultaneously believing that something you desire has power over you (i.e. money).

If you want to manifest money, you CANNOT believe that money is a power source. Money cannot give you wealth or abundance or happiness. It really can’t give you anything. Money just sits there — all the power comes from you.

If you believe that having more money will give you any additional power at all, then you’re actually holding the vibe that says, “I’m too weak to attract money.” You’ll have to get a job instead.

Think of it like this. If you want to manifest money, but you believe that money is its own power source, then deep down you’re giving money the power to say no to you. If money has power, then it can refuse to show up.

Instead of this crazy wrong approach, in your mindset and heartset, you must KNOW that you’re completely 100% dominant over money and that money is completely 100% submissive to you. You’re in total command of it. If you order it to show up, it must obey you. It has no power of its own. It cannot refuse you.

When you manifest money, you are COMMANDING it to come into your reality. You’re the CREATOR. Money has no choice but to obey you, but only if you wield your true power. If you give your power away to money, then you empower money to deny your requests. Money will say, “Well, if you’re letting me decide, then no, I’m staying over here.”

If you approach money like a power source of its own, then by trying to manifest it, you’re really trying to overpower it, and in such a contest you’ll usually lose. That contest, however, is completely internal — and pretty much insane. It’s like trying to arm wrestle yourself. How can you win? It’s a false reality you’re projecting because you aren’t ready to fully wield your own power yet.

Remember that money is nothing but a number. Or it’s pieces of metal and paper. How could it possibly be more powerful than a conscious human being such as yourself?If you think that once you have money, you will become stronger, you’re crazy. Absolutely deluded! More likely — if you actually did manifest money from that kind of vibe — you’d grow even weaker. This would be a bad outcome for you, even though it seems like what you want.

You’d be a weak-minded, weak-hearted person with more money, and you’d still see the money as more powerful than you, even while it’s in your possession. You’d then become attached to it and afraid of losing it because you’d still mistakenly see it as a power source. It would become a source of security for you, a constantly vulnerable one.

The more money you had, the more paranoid you’d become about losing it. This would really mess you up big time. So be very, very glad that you naturally attract less money when you think of money as a power source. If you invite money into your life from that crazy frame of giving away your power, then money will become your Master, and you will be forever its slave.

Don’t even go there!

If money has no power, then why manifest it at all? In truth, you don’t need to. But if you wish to manifest money, then do it as a game. Money is a just toy you can play with. Get excited about the experience of manifesting money, but don’t put any attention into what you’d do with the money once you have it.

It’s merely a number.

If you desire something you think money will give you, then focus on that desire directly, not on the money you think you need to get it. Money may or may not be part of the manifestation process.

Only focus on manifesting money directly if you’re capable of seeing the money as a plaything, like a video game score. It’s only something to manifest for fun, not something to get all worked up and stressed about.

Once again, do NOT give your power away to money. You must know that money is completely powerless. All the power is within you, never out there.

> Manifest more than just money … upgrade the things in your life that you manifest:

When manifesting money, start small and work up to larger amounts. See it as a score you’re aiming to increase, but don’t put larger amounts on a pedestal by assuming they’re more difficult to manifest. Most people who have what they want in their lives (I’m talking about some of the most successful people on the planet) will tell you that it takes as much work to manifest $1000 as it does manifesting $1,000,000!
Right now, I manifest money in my life, but I also manifest other bigger things like my business partner (she came into my life a few months after a business coach told me that the “creator” in me desperately needed to find a “left-brain-analytical business partner” and Alexandra was the right person), to coaches, to friends, travels, social events, my desire to leave Canada and move to another country and much more cool stuff. I even was able to “find” in December the $7000 I needed for a operation on both of my legs that is not covered by the Canadian health insurance and trust me … it’s because I manifested my need for this operation and let it go and it came to me … I wasn’t thinking of the money, but rather how I’d feel walking without pain during the hot summer months.
In fact, I honestly feel that manifesting money is a bit boring compared to all the other cool stuff you can manifest. It’s like playing a video game and obsessing over the score. That can be fun for a while, but eventually you want to focus on more interesting aspects of the game world.

If you can get good at manifesting small amounts and smaller things in your life, you can manifest larger sums too. The process is the same. Only some limiting beliefs of yours may stand in the way. But as you gradually upgrade to larger sums, you can collapse those false beliefs.

Money comes to you through the filters of your beliefs, but you don’t have to change your beliefs radically. You just have to open enough of a portal in your beliefs to allow different sums to come to you.

Coins may be found on the ground while you’re walking around. Bills will sometimes be found on the ground too. Larger sums may manifest in the form of exchanges, business deals, inheritances, inspired action, and other ways. Assume that those larger sums are right in front of your face, staring at you and screaming at you to notice them. You just have to tune your vibe to the right frequency to pick them up.

> When manifesting money, be sure to be congruent:

Every relationship in your life contributes to the overall vibe you’re putting out. This includes all the different ways you relate to money.
For example, if your job sucks and doesn’t pay you very well, and you try to manifest money on the side by starting a part-time business from home, that probably won’t work so well because each time you go to work at your job, you risk re-triggering the vibe of feeling financially under-appreciated.

This is where lots of people get stuck with the Law of Attraction. They put out conflicting vibes every day. They may visualize having more money and feeling abundant and grateful, but then they go to the grocery store, and they buy cheap, low quality food because in the back of their mind, they’re saying to themselves that they can’t afford the good stuff. And that naturally cancels out the vibe of abundance, so the result is no change.

If your current circumstances cause you to emit conflicting vibes, then even as you go through the motions of acting in accordance with a scarcer financial situation than you’d like, keep your vibe focused on that  of abundance. The best way to do that is by holding the heartset of gratitude. So even if you buy cheap, low-quality food, hold the vibe that you’re grateful for it and that you appreciate it. Feel appreciative that such food exists and that it’s within your budget. And then look at the high quality stuff, and emotionally invite it into your life. If possible, find one way in which you can splurge for higher quality items, like buying a few organic apples, and feel grateful that you can do that. And when you eat those apples, really enjoy them, and intend to receive more of the same.

But do NOT beat yourself up for not being able to afford what you desire. That will only lower your vibe.

Whenever you start feeling bad about your financial situation, see that as a form of feedback. Let it become an immediate trigger to refocus on your desires. Say to yourself, “Okay, obviously I don’t want this. So what do I want instead?”. Abraham-Hicks would tell you to ask yourself the following question: “How do you want to feel?”.

Then think about happier alternatives; allow your mind to go there, and let the resulting new vibe flow through you.

Manifesting money is a fun challenge as I’m slowly but surely learning. It’s definitely doable if you approach it from a place of playfulness, knowing, and power. It does involve some discipline, but the discipline is mental and emotional, not physical.

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Steven April 9, 2011 at 19:56

Hearing the words “abundance” and “prosperity” usually triggers money thoughts. However, these words are not just monetary, it also means and abundance of friends and a prosperous relationship with others. There are ways to attracting abundance and prosperity amongst co-workers which could be advantageous for your mental health.
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Krizia January 22, 2011 at 14:27

Thanks Suzanne!

My business partner and myself have created a new course launching next week and it’s all about helping women add more revenue streams to their lives.

Here’s the main link:

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Suzanne W January 22, 2011 at 12:50

Interesting. Having recently left the rat race, I’m searching for other ways to bring in some money…as a mom of 3, it’s important that my family remains the top priority. With that being said, I’m open to any new ideas!

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